What is Skyscraper Window Cleaning?

How high-rise buildings such as skyscrapers, plazas, shopping malls and offices of various structures are cleaned has become the subject of curiosity of many after the increasing number of new structures. Among the old cleaning methods, this method is very dangerous in terms of life and property safety, while the scaffolding is cleaned with human power. Glass cleaning of high-rise buildings such as skyscrapers is carried out regularly by using suitable materials, while ensuring that the glasses are attractive. As the Robsys cleaning robots production team, we will include those who are curious about skyscraper window cleaning in this content.

How to Clean Skyscraper Glass?


In terms of working at height rules and occupational safety laws, skyscraper cleaning is a task that needs attention and precautions. Since skyscrapers are very high structures, cleaning teams must take the necessary precautions. When we look at the question of how to clean the skyscraper; The cleaning team does the cleaning by building a scaffolding or deep cleaning can be done in a short time with the help of robots.

While working with the cleaning team takes a long time and is quite risky, cleaning robots use time effectively and are risk-free. At the same time, cleaning robots reduce labor costs 8 times. 

In manual cleaning, only 1 mW area can be cleaned in 4 days with 4 people. Robots, on the other hand, clean at least 1 mW per day with 2 personnel.

You can get maximum efficiency in a short time and reduce the pollution time of the panels thanks to the risk-free working conditions of robots in projects where routine skyscraper window cleaning is carried out.

If a robot is used in a project with a cleaning area of ​​4 mw, the cleaning takes a maximum of 4 days, while the leaves of the employees in manual cleaning may take 20-30 days due to unforeseen (hospital, funeral, work accident) personnel problems.

When Should Skyscraper Glasses Be Cleaned?

Since the facades of high-rise buildings such as skyscrapers are made of glass, they are more susceptible to pollution. Due to environmental conditions such as mud, stains and dust, which do not look clean, skyscrapers are easily polluted and leave a bad appearance. Since the structure of the skyscrapers is quite high, wide and long, their cleaning is quite extensive. Although the cleaning of skyscraper windows is generally done in the spring months, the cleaning periods vary according to the city where the skyscrapers are located. While water stains leave traces on skyscrapers in areas with heavy rainfall such as rain and snow, dust stains in rule areas shorten the cleaning period. With Skyscraper window cleaning robots, you can do your cleaning faster and in a shorter time.

Skyscraper Window Cleaning with Cleaning Robots

Thanks to the developing technology, robots in the cleaning sector and the robotic software that make them functional are also doing successful work in the cleaning sector without risking the safety of life and property. Cleaning of skyscrapers with cleaning robots facilitates fast and impressive cleaning of windows in high areas such as roofs. As the Robsys robotic system team, we offer high cleaning quality with our SLW series, SPD series and MVM series skyscraper cleaning robots, which we have put forth after intense R&D studies.

SKW Series

In glass, composite, granite and aluminum areas up to a height of 100 meters SkyWalker series You can provide cleaning and maximum hygiene with our machines. It offers detailed cleaning without damaging the glass surface with its climbing system and remote control mechanism. With the detergent dosing pump and detergent tank on it, it offers an average cleaning performance of 1500 m2 per day.

SPD Series

The ability to work without height limitSPD series skyscraper glass cleaning robots with suction cup structure It adheres to the glass and offers a safe cleaning. Unlimited working height makes SPD series robots more useful for skyscrapers of 100 meters and above, while providing efficient operation of the robot with its LCD screen display and remote control control panel. This robot class, which has an average cleaning performance of 1800 m2 per day, can be easily controlled with its camera system and online viewing features.

MVM Series

Our mobile crane machine cleaning series is intended for mobile use. It is preferred for detailed cleaning in the lower parts of skyscraper windows, especially in buildings, warehouses and warehouses. Our cleaning robots MVM series  Suitable for vertical use. Our MVM series patented robots, which are easily assembled and can be controlled by remote control, can be produced in different sizes upon request.

As the Robsys team, we have been working on automation skyscraper window cleaning robots for 15 years, which enable skyscrapers to be cleaned easily and in detail. You can call us at “+90 216 206 00 96” to learn the prices of our Robsys patented products in skyscraper window cleaning and to get detailed information, contact You can easily send us your requests by filling out the form on the page or at “”.

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