How to Clean Solar Panel? What Should Be Considered?

With the development of technology, the need for energy has increased. With this increase in need, the importance of renewable energy sources has been understood and various systems have been developed to benefit from these sources. Although many different systems have been developed to benefit from renewable energy sources, the most widely used systems are known as “Solar Panels”. Solar panels are actively used in many different areas, especially in homes and workplaces. With solar panels, the energy carried by the sun’s rays can be converted into electrical energy. We can use the obtained electrical energy in technological products in our daily life. Solar panels have many different advantages, such as being environmentally friendly. However, in order to get the desired efficiency from the solar panels and to use them for a long time, a process called “Solar Panel Cleaning” should be applied.

In this article, we will answer the questions of What is Solar Panel Cleaning, Why Should I Clean My Solar Panels, How to Clean Solar Panels and What Should Be Considered While Cleaning Solar Panels? We will also talk about the Pollution Causes of Solar Panels and Solar Panel Cleaning with Robsys Cleaning Robots.

What is Solar Panel Cleaning?

There are different factors that affect the efficiency of solar panels. One of these factors is known as “Solar Panel Cleaning”. Solar panel cleaning is the process of cleaning solar panels with various methods to increase their efficiency and life.

With Solar panel cleaning the efficiency of the system is kept at a high level despite the passing years and the service life is at an average level or above the average. With solar panel cleaning, various dirt on the panels should be cleaned in a way that does not damage the system. Therefore, there are important points to be considered while cleaning the solar panel.

“What should be considered when cleaning solar panels?” You can find the answer to the question in the rest of our article…

Contamination Causes of Solar Panels

There are many different reasons that cause the pollution of solar panels. Some of the causes of pollution of solar panels are as follows;

  • The formation of traces of salt and ammonia in places close to animal coops such as livestock and poultry farms in agricultural lands and by the sea
  • Cracking, breaking or cracking as a result of cleaning with inappropriate cleaning materials and inexperienced personnel. corrosion conditions
  • Bird droppings falling on solar panels
  • Various residues and dirt caused by high humidity and high temperature
  • A variety of animals, such as insects or flies, are exposed to the sun. Residues resulting from the death of the solar panels
  • If there is an area around the solar panel, agricultural spraying dust
  • Soot and soot formed as a result of various processes such as air conditioning, heating and cooling
  • Dust of stabilized roads (the main structure of which has a hardened soil floor) and exhaust gases from vehicles
  • Soot and soot formed as a result of harmful gases from the chimneys of factories in industrial areas
  • Adhesion of pollen and various flower dusts spilled from the street on the solar panels
  • Dry and wet dust precipitations caused by dust carried with the wind
  • Limescale formed as a result of improper cleaning such as using mains or transport water in the cleaning process and traces of lime
  • Residue or traces from leaves, seeds, needles, resins and organic secretions of trees

Solar panels have many different reasons like these. In short, the reason for the pollution of the solar panel varies according to the environmental conditions in the environment where the solar panel is located.

How to Clean Solar Panel?

Distilled water or some alcohol cleaners are generally used in the solar panel cleaning process. Alcoholic cleaners are generally preferred in winter to prevent freezing on the panels. However, alcohol-based cleaners can leave water stains and reduce the efficiency of the panel. Therefore, if there is no risk of freezing, pure water is often preferred.

Deionized pure water does not leave any stains on solar panels. In this way, efficiency is increased with solar panel cleaning. In addition, since pure water is an insulator, the risk of electric shock is prevented and the risk of corrosion is prevented. 

Also, non-hard solar cloths should be used during solar panel cleaning. If you cannot find a solar cloth, a soft scouring pad or soft brushes can be used. Likewise, we recommend that you do not use high-pressure liquids during cleaning. Because of high pressure, micro cracks may occur.

What Should Be Considered While Cleaning the Solar Panel?

We mentioned that solar panel cleaning is very important for the efficiency and lifetime of the system. However, the points to be considered during the cleaning of the solar panel are not taken into account, and if the system is damaged intentionally or unintentionally, the cleaning does not matter. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to when cleaning solar panels.

Solar panel cleaning Some of the points to be considered while cleaning are as follows;

  • The most important thing to consider when cleaning solar panels is your life safety. Solar panels are usually located in high areas such as roofs, so you should be sure of your life safety against the danger of falling while cleaning. Another factor affecting life safety is electrical energy. Since electricity is produced in solar panels, insulating gloves and deionized distilled water should be used to avoid exposure to high voltage during cleaning of solar panels. Thus, life safety is ensured.
  • The solar panels should not be stepped on during cleaning. Because of your weight, visible or invisible cracks may occur on the panel. This situation negatively affects the operation of the panel, as well as problems such as electric shock due to rain water leaking into the cracks or the liquids used during cleaning. li>
  • Solar panel cleaning should be done in the evening or early morning when the panels are not hot. Since the panels will not be hot during these hours, cleaning can be done much easier.
  • Panel cleaning should be done at the beginning of every season and at regular intervals. Special solar brushes should be used during cleaning. 
  • Another point to be considered during solar panel cleaning is that the temperature of the cleaning water and the temperature of the panel should be close to each other. In other words, cold water should not be poured on the solar panel. If cold water is spilled, thermal shock may occur and the panels may become unusable. 

There are many issues such as these that should be considered during the cleaning of solar panels. As can be seen from these examples, cleaning solar panels is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, if you want to do a healthy solar panel cleaning, you can contact a company that has experts in the field or you can have the solar panel cleaning process done by the company.

Panel Cleaning with Robsys Cleaning Robots

Solar panel cleaning can be performed as we mentioned in our article, as well as with cleaning robots. As Robsys, we are at your service with our cleaning robots that we produce and develop for the cleaning of solar panels. However, “Why Clean with Robots?” You can ask the question. We can answer this question as follows;

  • Human Security
  • Panel Security
  • Energy Continuity

As Robsys, we have been working on robotic solutions for solar panel cleaning for 10 years. We increase the energy efficiency and lifetime of your solar panels with our patented cleaning robots. Thus, we contribute to sustainability in energy for a better future. In addition, our robots are easy to use and install, they are long-lasting, our after-sales service is extremely fast, and if the problem cannot be solved with remote support, we can provide service within 72 hours.

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In this context, we can introduce our solar panel cleaning robots that we have produced as Robsys in 3 different series. The series of our cleaning robots produced by Robsys for the cleaning of solar panels are as follows;

  • RTM Series: Our RTM Series cleaning robots are our latest product. With our RTM Series cleaning robots, you can perform your solar panel cleaning process via a remote control. Our RTM Series products can be used for floors, roofs and all projects with daily 1 – 3 MW cleaning capacity, 2 double-sided brush systems, battery and electric model options. 

RTM Series our products are between 40 – 59 kg It has heavy weight, being able to pass through the gaps between the panels, 1st class brushes that do not scratch the glass level, battery and also cable use, robot technology smart systems, water and waterless operation.

  • YTM Series: Our YTM Series cleaning robots are produced according to projects and institutions. Our YTM Series devices are designed according to the arrangement and dimensions of the specified solar panels. Our YTM Series devices are very durable and have a daily cleaning capacity of 2 – 6 MW. 

  • DTM Series: Our DTM Series cleaning robots are more preferred in solar panels used on roofs and high areas. Since our DTM Series products have a vertical working system, they can work in harmony with all solar panels on the market. 

DTM Series products have battery and electric model options, water and waterless operation, a compact system integrated with pure water and a weight between 70 – 105 kg.

As you can see, as Robsys, we have a cleaning robot for each solar panel for our customers. We continue to improve our products and services by closely following the developing technology.

Also, to better explain the MW unit we used in our article; In manual cleaning, 4 people can clean only 1 MW in 4 days. As it can be understood from here, our solar panel cleaning robots are very advantageous compared to standard cleaning.

In this article, we answered the questions of What is Solar Panel Cleaning, Why Should I Clean My Solar Panels, How to Clean Solar Panels and What Should Be Considered While Cleaning Solar Panels? We also talked about the Pollution Causes of Solar Panels and Solar Panel Cleaning with Robsys Cleaning Robots.

As Robsys team, we are working on automation cleaning robots that provide sustainability in order to increase energy efficiency in GES power plants. If you want to prefer Robsys patented products for solar panel cleaning, you can call us at the number “+90 216 206 00 96”, fill in the form on the contact page or send us your requests at ““.

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