Why Should I Clean My Solar Panels With Cleaning Robots?

Solar panels create a sustainable and renewable energy source by using the heat and light from the sun. It helps to reduce the costs arising from the use of electricity by converting the energy it produces into electrical energy. Since solar panels are on the roofs of houses, vacant lots or open areas, dust, mud and pollen stick on the panels over time. In order to get maximum efficiency from the solar panel and to prolong its life, it is necessary to clean it periodically. As Robsys team, we will answer the question of why solar panel cleaning should be done with a solar panel cleaning robot in detail in this article, and we will also include information about Robsys robots.

Why is Solar Panel Cleaning Important?

The lifetime of solar panels is 25 years on average, depending on the build quality, workmanship and area of ​​use. If you do not clean the solar panel during this process, the electricity efficiency you receive will decrease from year to year. 

Solar Power Plant (SPP) requires regular cleaning to increase its efficiency. Solar panels, the pores on them, absorb the heat and light they receive from the sun and convert them into electricity. Dirty and dusty surface prevents the panel from generating power. In order for the panels to produce rated power, dust, dirt, pollen and various filth must not adhere to their surfaces. Unwanted impurities may cause malfunction of the panel if not cleaned for a long time. 

Periodical cleaning is required in order to obtain high efficiency from the solar panel and to prevent the damages that may arise from pollution. Ionized pure water should be used during regular cleaning, chemical cleaners and pressurized water should not be preferred.

During Solar panel cleaning, the panels should not be stepped on. If micro cracks occur on the panels, water and other liquids that may enter inside may cause major problems in the plant.

GES Cleaning Robots

With the  GES cleaning robots that we developed as the Robsys team, we produce professional solutions to increase energy efficiency and ensure sustainability in GES power plants. Since we attach great importance to the original, functional and technological designs of the solutions we develop, we produce innovative and high-capacity robots. You can use sustainable energy resources more efficiently with our Robsys RTM Series, YTM Series and DTM Series solar panel cleaning robot models.

The RTM series cleaning robots, our final product, produced by our R&D team as a result of hard work, offer effective and easy cleaning with a daily cleaning capacity of 1-3MW and a remote control. Its 2 bi-directional systems allow you to perform detailed cleaning without damaging the panels. With battery and electric model options, you can easily clean the solar energy panels on the roof, ground, garden and all projects.

Our YTM Series cleaning machines  It is produced for fixed projects. With its strong structure and high cleaning capacity, it can clean an area of ​​2-4 MW per day. YTM series solar panel cleaning robot models provide easy use with its remote control feature, and it is suitable for every model panel with its water and waterless operation feature. Although it is produced for projects, it is light and portable with an average weight of 80-120 kg.

DTM series cleaning robots have a vertical working system. It is compatible with all solar panel systems and this model has a compact system integrated with pure water. DTM series cleaning robots, which are most preferred for cleaning solar panels in roofs, open areas and vertical installations, have the feature of working with and without water.  

Solar Panel Cleaning Robot Prices

You can use robots for panel cleaning to get high efficiency from solar panels installed for solar energy, which is a sustainable and renewable energy source. With Robsys solar panel cleaning robots, you can increase your electricity efficiency while reducing your costs. Solar panel cleaning robot prices vary according to the class and features of the robots. 

As Robsys team, we continue to work on automation cleaning robots that increase energy efficiency in GES power plants and provide sustainability. To learn the prices of Robsys patented products used in solar panel cleaning, you can call us at “+90 216 206 00 96“, contact page or at “”.

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