Cleaning Solar Panels: An Expert Guide     

Ultra deionized pure water and liquor-based cleaners are commonly used for cleaning solar panels. Alcohol-based cleaners leave traces that can block the sun’s rays after cleaning but they are preferred to use in winter months as they reduce the freezing temperature of the product. With the development of technology, there are many conveniences in solar panel cleaning. So why is solar panel cleaning significant, and how to Clean Solar Panels? If you are interested, please continue reading our article to get more information about solar panel cleaning.

Why Do You Need to Clean Solar Panels? 

Pollution of the solar panel leads to a decrease in the solar energy delivered to the photovoltaic cells. In other words, less energy is produced. Panels can be polluted due to environmental factors, weather conditions, pollen and industrial dusting. For this reason, solar panel cleaning has many significant.

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How to Clean Solar Panels   

Cleaning the solar energy-producing panels is significant in terms of maintaining efficiency. Pure water and some alcoholic cleaners are used for panel cleaning. Alcohol-based cleaners are preferred to prevent freezing on the solar panels, especially in winter due to the effect of cold. Such cleaning agents are frequently used to prevent freezing, even though they inhibit sunlight by leaving water stains on the panel. Regardless of the seasonal conditions, cleaning the panels with pure water is the most common cleaning material.

Pure water should be used for cleaning the panels. Unlike alcoholic cleaning agents, deionized distilled water does not leave any stains on the panels. Cleaning in this way also adds strictness to safety. Since deionized pure water is not conductive, the risks of high voltage are eliminated while cleaning the panel. Moreover, the risk of corrosion is eliminated.


Solar Panel Cleaning with Robsys Cleaning Robots 

As Robsys, we have various solar panel cleaning robots. There are three types of robots you can choose from. The available models are as follows:

RTM Series   

With the RTM series, which is our latest product, you can clean your solar panel with remote control. It has a daily cleaning capacity of 2 MW. In addition, there are two double-sided brush systems. RTM series can serve by the floor, roof, and all projects.

YTM Series   

We produce our machines in this series according to the order you specify for fixed projects. It serves with its durable structure and daily cleaning capacity of 6 MW. YTM Series is requested in different sizes and as project-specific production. It has a Remote-Controlled Control Panel. In addition, this robot has the features of working with and without water.

DTM Series

DTM series has a vertical working system. Cordless and Electric Models are available. In addition, this robot is compatible with all solar panel systems. It has the feature of working with and without water.

As Robsys, we serve you with sustainable and efficient energy systems. You can contact us to meet our cleaning robots using Robsys automation technology, the industry leader with more than 14 years of experience. Please follow us for more informative content.