Robsys exports its solar panel cleaning robot to 13 countries

Robsys Robotic Systems, which produces cleaning solutions to increase efficiency and ensure sustainability in solar power plants (SPP), exports the cleaning robots developed to prevent energy losses from pollution in panels to 13 countries.

In recent years, when the trend towards renewable energy has increased within the scope of combating climate change, investors have also accelerated solar power installations. After the power plants in question were put into operation, a new sector emerged regarding panel maintenance and life extension.

Robsys Robotic Systems General Manager Turgut Çağatay, who told the AA correspondent about their work in the sector, said that they established an R&D unit in the field of panel cleaning upon the demands of investors with the development of the solar energy sector in Türkiye.

Çağatay pointed out that panel maintenance and cleaning are important to get the desired efficiency from the power plants and said, “Solar panels need to be cleaned periodically to continuously produce energy. Regular cleaning extends the life of the panel. Because there is energy loss in point pollution hot spots called hot spots appear there. With these hot spots, that cell expands and breaks down, causing panel losses in the long run. This also means panel replacement and maintenance costs. Therefore, cleaning prevents energy losses and reduces maintenance costs to zero.” he said. Stating that the cleaning frequency will vary from project to project, Çağatay said, “Dusting is not the same in every region. In Organized Industrial Zone’ central locations, city centres or areas close to mines and cement factories, pollution occurs much faster and energy loss occurs at this rate. Therefore, in some projects, daily cleaning, in some weekly cleaning, and in some places monthly cleaning may be sufficient.” made his assessment. Çağatay stated that they have developed products with different capacities for power plant and rooftop type projects and that the robots have various features said, "In addition to cleaning, robots have many features such as thermal inspection, autonomous operation, damage detection and remote control." said.

We will reach the American market soon

Stating that they have export targets for the foreign market and domestic use, Çağatay said, “We have already reached 13 countries in exports. We are growing fast, our brand has also been registered in 80 countries. Our goal is to operate in every country where solar panels are available. We have an initial export target of 80 countries. Currently, we export mainly to Germany, France and Spain in Europe. “We will reach the American market soon,” he said.

Çağatay pointed out that materials that would not damage the panel were used when developing the product and said, “Solar panels are very sensitive materials. It is made of cells called silicon. It has thin wires on it. These can get damaged very quickly. Silicon is a material that disperses like sand. There is a weight optimization in our pallet structure to prevent them from being damaged. quot;So ;s like pressing equal weight all over the panel, quot; he said.

Stating that investments should be made in this field to increase the efficiency of solar panels, Çağatay said, “There is a serious awareness in this field in our country. We created it, but we still have many investors who do not know about it. We want to draw attention to this issue. Panel cleaning solar
It can also increase energy efficiency by up to 50 per cent. Because unless you clean it, this energy continues to disappear. "As the pollution layer increases, your energy loss increases.quot; made his assessment.

Gelal Socks Inc. RTM PRO Prefers Our Model Robot


Gelal Çorap A.Ş., one of the important companies of Çankırı and our country. It preferred our RTM PRO model robot to be used in the cleaning of the solar energy roof project with an installed power of 5034 kWp.

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